Long Lasting Concrete Foundation Slabs

Create a durable base for your Murfreesboro home or business!

Foundation slabs can support a large amount of weight for properties. It is absolutely vital that your slab is constructed in a way that will prevent cracks, and bear heavy loads for years to come. At Cantrell’s Concrete, we consider numerous factors before we install the concrete. With meticulous planning, quality work, and superior finishing, we ensure from start to finish that you will have a durable, long-lasting foundation slab.

Our concrete slabs are carefully installed to prevent:

  • Cracked walls
  • Uneven doorways
  • Protruding floors
  • Structural problems

Concrete slabs are one of the most popular and durable foundation options in use today. Although simple, a concrete slab can carry the heavy load required to support your home steadily throughout the years. Cantrell’s Concrete LLC is a concrete contractor specializing in concrete installation near Murfreesboro, including concrete patios, concrete slabs and other foundation services.

Protecting Your Foundation Slab

Protecting your concrete foundation means protecting your entire home. Although only simple steps are needed to maintain your foundation and prevent damage, these steps are essential to a healthy foundation throughout the lifetime of your home.

  • Proper drainage away from your home is necessary to prevent foundation settling and cracking. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are well maintained and make sure all spouts discharge water at least five feet from your foundation.
  • Avoid using chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers in areas adjacent to your foundation.
  • If you have large trees close to your home, you may wish to consider installing root barriers to prevent roots from spreading into your foundation and causing cracks and leaks.
  • Perform a thorough check of your home’s plumbing systems, including any sprinkler systems, at least once a year. Leaks in your plumbing can affect your foundation, so have any issues repaired immediately.
  • During droughts or very dry periods, watering the area around your foundation regularly will prevent soil changes and maintain a stable setting for your foundation.

How Your Concrete Slab Works

Concrete foundation slabs are ideal for use in mild climates such as Tennessee, where freezing temperatures are relatively rare. This type of foundation is also extremely cost-effective because very little site preparation is generally needed before concrete can be poured into place during construction. The only work that must be done prior to concrete installation is your home’s plumbing and electrical work, which is often embedded inside the slab after the foundation is complete. Typical concrete slab foundations are four to six inches thick, with a concrete beam reaching depths of approximately two feet around the perimeter to hold the foundation in place over time. This type of foundation may also be called a “floating slab” foundation. Beneath the concrete slab lies a four- to six-inch deep layer of packed gravel, which is separated from the slab itself by a thin sheet of plastic to provide a permanent moisture barrier. Inside the concrete slab, wire mesh and steel reinforcing beams provide additional structural stability.

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