• Why Concrete Tops Asphalt as a Driveway Material

    Concrete driveways near Murfreesboro aren’t the only kinds of driveways. Asphalt is another common material for use in driveway surfaces, but it might not but the best choice for your needs. Concrete tends to be a more reliable choice than asphalt, and it offers a handful of benefits that asphalt can’t compete with. If you’re planning on doing some renovating, continue reading and find out why concrete tops asphalt as a driveway material.

    Your driveway should be durable and easy to maintain, and the right choice can boost your curb appeal for decades. Although asphalt and concrete are both viable materials, concrete is the clear winner. That’s because it stands up well against the elements, and it doesn’t need to be sealed. The opposite is true for asphalt, as these driveways are prone to cracking and must be sealed regularly to keep their appeal. Whether you choose concrete or asphalt for your driveway, you should repair small problems before they escalate. The good news for concrete driveway owners is that this is less likely to become a concern over the years. Save money and hassle by talking to your contractor about a concrete driveway.

  • How to Deal with Stains on Your Concrete Driveway

    A dirty and stained concrete driveway near Murfreesboro will probably take away from your curb appeal rather than add to it, so stay on top of your maintenance routine to make sure this is never the case. If you already have stains all over your driveway, you can use chemicals or microorganisms to get rid of them. Talk to your contractor if you can’t do away with the blemishes, and keep reading for tips on how to deal with stains on your concrete driveway.


    Oil and grease stains can be quite noticeable, even from the street. When you find them on your driveway, you might consider using chemicals to remove these marks and take back your curb appeal. If the stain isn’t especially deep or large, you might be able to use a reliable detergent with a brush and sponge. You might need a strong concrete cleaner in more severe cases. The stains will likely get worse as you leave them alone, so the sooner you try these methods, the higher your chances of success will be. It tends to be easier to remove stains from porous concrete than from concrete with a hard finish.


    One way to deal with concrete driveway stains that you might not have expected is with microorganisms. Certain types of single-celled microorganisms feed on oil, so you can have them consume the stains on your driveway. Then, they turn the oil into carbon dioxide and reproduce, and die once the oil is gone. This means you don’t even have to clean up afterwards, and you’ll have a nice clean concrete driveway once again.

    Professional Help

    If you’re dealing with a particularly stubborn stain and your removal methods won’t work, it might be time to talk to your concrete contractor. The professionals have years of experience in working with concrete, so they know all the tips and tricks. You can also have your specialist seal your concrete to protect it from stains and buildup in the future. This helps extend its lifespan, so you and your family can enjoy a beautiful concrete driveway for years.

  • Get Inspired with These Popular Trends in Concrete Driveway Design

    If you think that your concrete driveway has to look boring or bland, it’s time to think again. Today’s concrete driveways are adorned with beautiful patterns, gorgeous inlays, and other intriguing design features. A concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro can help you design a driveway that incorporates your preferred finish or details. Before you embark on this home improvement project, you may want to check out some of the latest concrete driveway trends. Some popular designs among today’s homeowners include:

    Nature-Inspired Patterns

    In 2017, nature is an inspirational element for many of the aspects of today’s homes. When you are building a new concrete driveway for your property, you may want to use the surrounding nature and landscape as one of your design influences. Your concrete contractor can print flowers, leaves, and other organic patterns, directly into the surface of your driveway. By incorporating the beauty of nature, you can help ensure that this part of your home’s exterior blends perfectly into your landscaping.

    Bold Colors

    While grey concrete driveways remain a popular choice for many properties, some homeowners are choosing to get creative with their color choices. Your concrete driveway can be enhanced with stains or finishes that add bold colors to the finished surface. From bright reds to elegant neutrals, your concrete specialist can provide you with an assortment of stains and finishes for your driveway. Acid staining and other finishing techniques can also provide your driveway with the look of natural stone.

    Integrated Lighting

    Lighting can add safety and appeal to your new driveway. Rather than including a lighting design as an afterthought to your initial installation, you may want to incorporate lighting from the beginning of your construction project. Integrated lighting can be installed directly into your concrete driveway so that it matches the architectural style of the finished slab. You can choose from a variety of lighting options, including bold spotlights, calming accent lights, or motion-activated security lights.

  • Keep Your Concrete Driveway Looking Like New

    Motor oil, road salt, and other materials can cause damage and discoloration on the surface of your concrete driveway. This video will provide you with a step-by-step guide for pressure washing your driveway. Using a pressure washer, you will be able to safely remove oil stains and other types of buildup on the surface of your concrete. If your driveway is very dirty or damaged, you may need to schedule concrete restoration in Murfreesboro .

    Your concrete repair professionals will have the tools and materials that are needed to restore your driveway to like-new condition. Rather than overlooking the unsightly marks and stains that are building up on your driveway, consider having your concrete professionally cleaned and restored.

  • What Color Should I Use for My New Concrete Driveway?

    While you may associate concrete with a neutral, gray color, you may be surprised to learn that concrete driveways can be finished in a variety of exciting hues. With services from a concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro, you will have the ability to choose between various driveway surfaces that match the overall color and design of your home. To help you prepare for your new concrete installation, read on for a look of color ideas to consider for your concrete driveway.

    Rusty Brown

    If you want to provide your concrete driveway with a rustic and rural look, you may want to consider choosing colored concrete in a gorgeous shade of rusty brown. The rust color of your driveway can be polished to mimic the look of natural leather, or it can be left with a dull surface to provide a clay-like appearance. Rusty shades of red or brown look great when the are accompanied by exterior house paint colors that fall in a similarly warm color category.

    Blue Green

    Whether you live near a body of water, or you simply want to bring the beauty of the ocean to your front yard, you may want to consider staining your concrete driveway with a blue green color. Even though the bluish green of your concrete may appear similar to concrete’s natural gray shade, adding a cool stain can boost the overall appeal of your final concrete installation. A blue green driveway can also provide the front of your home with a soothing atmosphere.

    Multiple Colors

    Multiple colored concrete stains can be used to achieve the look and feel of luxurious natural stone. When you work with a concrete contractor, you will be able to select various concrete colors that can be swirled together to give your concrete the appearance of granite, limestone, and other premium materials. After you have created the final pattern and design of your colored concrete driveway, you are sure to be thrilled by its appearance.

  • Comparing Concrete and Asphalt Driveways

    Concrete and asphalt are 2 popular materials when it comes to driveway surfaces serving Murfreesboro, but they might not be equally appropriate for your needs. Before you decide whether you’d like an asphalt or concrete driveway, look at the pros and cons associated with each option. Consider the amount of maintenance you’ll need to provide, the curb appeal that you stand to gain, and how long you expect your new driveway to last. Take a look ahead for a more detailed comparison of concrete and asphalt driveways.

    Maintenance Requirements

    Before you decide what kind of driveway you should choose for your home, you should think about how much maintenance you can afford to offer. In terms of maintenance, concrete and asphalt can both be favorable materials for your driveway. If you’re leaning towards an asphalt driveway, expect to have your investment resealed at least once every 5 years. You don’t necessarily need to seal a concrete driveway, but it’s a good idea to have it degreased on occasion. Although sealing is not necessary for a concrete driveway, it can help to preserve its appeal in the long run.

    Aesthetic Appeal

    One of the advantages that come with just about all forms of concrete is its versatility. Your concrete contractor can use all kinds of stains, stamps, and engravings to give your concrete driveway plenty of character. You also don’t need to limit yourself to one type of stain or finish for your entire driveway, so feel free to vary up the look from the road to your house. If you’re looking for a detailed and more complex driveway design, concrete might be the way to go. Asphalt driveways are typically black, although modern techniques have led to a little more flexibility.

    Durability and Longevity

    When you make a significant investment, you should think about how long you expect it to pay off. While asphalt driveways can last for a couple of decades or more, they’re not quite as durable as their concrete counterparts. You can expect a maintained concrete driveway to last for 4 decades or longer.

  • Get Driveway Staining and Saw Cutting Ideas

    There is no reason that you have to have a bland, gray driveway at the front of your home. In this video from Concrete Network, you will receive some terrific driveway staining and saw cutting ideas. Concrete driveways near Murfreesboro can be adorned with saw lines and beautiful stains. A handheld masonry saw can be used to create decorative lines. Once the lines are cut, you can decorate them with an acid stain.

    For additional ideas for concrete driveways , be sure to get in touch with your local concrete company. From elaborately decorated driveways to aggregate driveways and more, your contractor will offer many different styles for you to choose from.

  • Questions to Ask About Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway

    Your driveway provides you with convenient access to your garage and the front entryway of your home. After you have completed your concrete driveway installation, it is critical that you take care of the surface of your concrete with routine maintenance services. A contractor that installs concrete driveways near Murfreesboro will be able to provide you with tips and tricks that will help you maintain your driveway surfaces to perfection. If you are wondering how to keep your driveway in great shape, read on to learn answers to the most commonly asked questions about concrete driveway maintenance.

    How often should I clean my driveway?

    New driveway owners have questions about how often their concrete surfaces need to be cleaned. In fact, the frequency with which you clean your driveway will depend on a few factors, such as how often it is used and the typical environmental conditions of your area. If your driveway receives a typical amount of use, it might need to be washed every three months or so.

    Is resealing necessary?

    Resealing is a procedure that protects the surface of a concrete driveway from water damage. When your driveway is initially installed, your contractors may apply a special seal to its surface. Over time, the seal will gradually wear off and need to be replaced. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to reseal your driveway about every five years, or more frequently as it is needed.

    Should I apply salt or deicing chemicals to my driveway?

    During the depths of the winter season, it may grow tiresome to continually shovel snow and ice off of your driveway’s surface. However, it is generally advised that you avoid placing salt or deicing chemicals on your concrete driveway. These substances will eat away at the surface of your concrete and cause rapid degradation and structural problems. If you start to find that your driveway is getting too slippery during the winter months, spreading sand can provide your tires with a better grip.

  • Upgrading to a Concrete Driveway: What You Need to Know

    If you are getting tired of continually sealing and maintaining your asphalt driveway, now may be the time to install a new concrete driveway for your home. Concrete driveways offer all of the benefits of asphalt driveways, but their surfaces are much more durable and resistant to wear and tear. A contractor that specializes in installing concrete driveways near Murfreesboro can help you create a custom driveway that is the perfect addition to your home’s exterior. Here is a look at what you need to know about concrete driveways.

    Concrete Driveways are Extremely Durable

    One of the top benefits of making the switch to a concrete driveway is that your new driveway installation will be incredibly durable. While asphalt needs to be sealed periodically every few years, your concrete driveway will not need any major sealing or maintenance for up to 30 years. You can rest assured that your concrete surface is strong enough to withstand traffic from all of your vehicles.

    Concrete Driveways Can be Customized

    Along with offering superior durability, concrete driveways are also customizable to your personal tastes and preferences. If you are seeking a driveway that offers a clean and simple look, you can choose a plain concrete slab. Homeowners that are seeking driveways that offer show stopping appeal can choose to stamp, stain, or add other decorative features to their concrete surfaces. When it comes to choosing your concrete driveway design, the only limit is your imagination.

    Concrete Driveways Require Minimal Maintenance

    In order to keep your driveway looking great for the duration of its lifespan, you will want to provide it with a few simple maintenance procedures. At least once a month, it is a great idea to gently spray the surface of your driveway down with a hose. If you accidentally spill cleaning chemicals or car fluids on your driveway, you will want to make sure that you hose them off right away. With basic maintenance procedures, you can keep your concrete driveway in great shape.

  • How to Add Style to Your Concrete Driveway

    Your driveway is one of the first features that a visitor will notice about the exterior of your home. If you would like your concrete driveway to make a statement about your personal style, you may want to talk to a concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro about your customization options. A contractor that specializes in concrete driveways and other concrete services will be able to fully customize your driveway design to match the unique look of your home.

    To add style to your concrete driveway, you may want to tour some of the custom driveway finishes that are available. Concrete driveways can be accented with special stamping or engraving techniques, which offer the look of natural stone. If you are tired of looking at a gray driveway surface, you may also want to consider boosting the appeal of your driveway with a new colored concrete installation. Other finishes, such as a slick concrete finish, will add an element of luxury to your home’s driveway.