• The Dangers of an Uneven Foundation

    concrete construction murfreesboro Opting for a new construction home is the ideal way to build your dream home from the ground up. That said, building a new home isn’t cheap. As you’re settling on a design and looking into concrete contractors in Murfreesboro , it’s very important that you don’t cut any corners—especially when it comes to the concrete slab foundation. Since your entire home will rest on the foundation, even small mistakes during installation can have serious repercussions later on.

    Protruding Floors

    If your concrete foundation is improperly installed, it may have uneven parts that will only get worse over time. Since your floors run parallel to the foundation, any unevenness with the foundation may eventually affect the flooring. Though an uneven foundation may be difficult to notice initially, a protruding floor is a serious nuisance.

    Uneven Doorways

    If the floors are uneven, you can bet that other areas in your home will become uneven as well. One of the most obvious effects of an uneven foundation is uneven doorways. Imagine going to open a door one day, only to find that it sticks inside its frame, or won’t even close in the first place.

    Plumbing Damage

    For most homes that have a concrete slab foundation, the plumbing is embedded into the concrete. An uneven foundation can cause water and sewer pipes to become uneven as well. As you can imagine, this can cause significant problems—especially if the pipes break. What’s worse, is that leaky pipes in the concrete can cause further damage to the foundation.

    Structural Problems

    An uneven foundation can also cause problems for your home’s structural integrity in general. If the support beams are on an uneven foundation, it means that they’re not supporting the weight of the house evenly, or at least not the way they’re designed to. This places undue stress on important beams, which could have dangerous implications for the future.

  • What are the Dangers of an Uneven Foundation?

    uneven structure, uneven foundation, concrete murfreesboro A concrete foundation slab is, for lack of a better word, the foundation of any home. Although you have plenty of other things to worry about when building a new home from scratch, don’t overlook the importance of a solid concrete foundation. Cut corners here and you can run into a slew of problems (most of them very costly) later on. Consider some of these dangers and problems associated with an uneven foundation, and then make sure you hire an experienced concrete foundation installer in Murfreesboro to prevent these and other problems in the future.

    Structural Failure

    The most dangerous problem associated with an uneven foundation is the possibility of eventual structural failure that can bring down entire sections of your home. An uneven foundation is not able to bear heavy loads as effectively, and dips and rises in the foundation can place stress on load bearing joints that may eventually fail as a result. Start with a good foundation at the outset of building your home and you’ll protect your family in the long run.

    Costly Repairs

    You might be able to save some money upfront having a cut-rate foundation installed, but you stand to lose a lot more money in the long run than if you invested in a quality foundation at the beginning. That’s because an uneven foundation can be a money pit with all of the structural repairs you’ll need to have performed over time. In fact, it might cost you more to repair a faulty concrete foundation after your home is built on top than to pay for a high-quality foundation at the onset of the construction process.

    Difficulty Selling Your Home

    Another problem you might run into as the result of having an uneven foundation can come if or when you attempt to sell your home. A pre-purchase home inspection can easily reveal an uneven foundation to interested homebuyers, who might walk away from the deal or come back with a much lower price as a result.