• How Your Plumbing Can Affect Your Foundation

    Although you might not have known it, your plumbing can actually play a substantial role in the state of your foundation . If you run into a plumbing problem in your home or business, you might find yourself calling for foundation services in Murfreesboro sooner rather than later. Leaks that come from plumbing problems can result in uneven foundations, which bring a plethora of their own problems to the table. Feel free to take a look ahead to find out how your plumbing can affect your foundation.

    The foundation of your home is what keeps the structure sound, but it is not impervious to outside influence. Outside factors like rain water and other types of precipitation can alter the structural integrity of your foundation, which can lead to real consequences for you and your family. Sometimes even your plumbing system can affect your foundation, so it’s important to check on your plumbing appliances as well as your foundation from time to time. When a plumbing leak sends water into your foundation, it can compromise its integrity and lead to problems like uneven flooring, doors and windows that don’t close properly, and even water leaks and mold growth in your basement.