• Preventing Home Damage With Concrete Slab Foundations

    concrete foundation home, concrete murfreesboro, concrete contractor An uneven foundation can lead to a variety of serious structural problems around your home. To make sure that your new concrete foundation will be able to protect your home from damage, you will want to work with a top rated concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro. Before the concrete is poured to create a foundation slab , your contractor will make sure that the form is even and level with the ground. State of the art finishing techniques will protect your concrete slabs from cracking or warping over time.

    A durable concrete slab is your home’s best defense against common problems, such as drywall cracks and doors that are difficult to open or close. If you have noticed that your walls are cracking or showing other signs of damage, it may be time to set up services for your foundation. With expert help, you can keep your home and foundation in fantastic condition for decades.

  • Tips for Scheduling Foundation Services for Your Home

    When you are building a new house, one of the first steps that you will need to take is to pour a solid foundation. Your new foundation will form a structural base and support for the rest of your property. In order to make sure that your foundation slab is able to provide you with many decades of quality performance, it is a great idea to work with a company that offers concrete slab design in Murfreesboro . With the help of your team of concrete foundation experts, you will be able to create the perfect foundation for your property. Read on for some essential tips for scheduling foundation services for your home. foundation - services

    Choose a Quality Contractor

    When you are gearing up for a foundation installation on your property, it is important to find a quality contractor to perform your services. A top rated concrete contractor will have the expertise and equipment that are needed to pour your new foundation to perfection. To find a quality contractor, it is a great idea to look at a company’s reviews and reputation with past customers.

    Select Your Foundation Style

    Once you have chosen a contractor, you will be ready to start designing your new foundation. With assistance from your foundation installation team, you will be able to choose the right style of foundation for your new home. If you are seeking a cost effective foundation that is also extremely durable, you may want to choose a concrete slab.

    Ensure Proper Drainage

    As you are scheduling your foundation services, you may also want to make sure that your contractors will take the time that is needed to ensure that the area around your foundation has the proper level of drainage. If a foundation is not properly drained, it may experience water damage, cracking, and other issues. With all of these factors in place, you will be ready to get started on your upcoming foundation service appointment.

  • The Steps of Creating a Foundation Slab

    foundation slab, murfreesboro concrete When laying a foundation slab for a home, you need to work with a concrete company that knows exactly what they are doing. Foundation slabs that are built improperly will often crack or sag over time and cause issues inside your home. A strong foundation is essential, so you want to make sure your concrete foundation in Murfreesboro is constructed the right way to avoid problems. Here are the steps involved with creating a foundation slab.

    Preparing Your Property

    Before creating a foundation slab, you will need to prepare your property for your new foundation . You should do this by removing any sticks, rocks, and other debris on your property. Ideally, you should work with a company that has access to a backhoe rental to make this part of the process easier. After you’re finished removing debris, your foundation contractor will mark the perimeter of your foundation slab and dig footers that will be used to support your foundation. Next, the contractor will place a four to six-inch layer of packed gravel with a thin sheet of plastic over it.

    Pouring Cement for the Footers

    Once your property is prepared for your foundation, it’s time for your concrete company to pour cement into the footers. Your footers are used to keep your foundation slab in place and prevent it from sagging, so you want to make sure that this step is executed by a professional. This will ensure that you don’t encounter any long-term issues due to a shifting foundation.

    Laying the Foundation Slab

    After your footers have dried, it will be time for you to lay down your foundation slab. A concrete company will surround the perimeter of your foundation with wooden boards and pour concrete inside them to create your foundation. Wire mesh and steel-reinforcing beams will also be added to your foundation in order to make it as strong as possible. Once your foundation dries, you can build your home on top of it.

  • Foundation Slabs 101

    foundation slab, concrete foundation, concrete slab

    Foundation slabs are slabs of concrete that can support substantial amounts of weight, and are ideal and cost-effective bases for structures such as homes or office buildings. Due to their durability and relative ease of installation, foundation slabs are very popular. Properly constructed concrete slabs are made to withstand extremely heavy loads, cracking, and decades of use. If you’re planning to install a

    foundation slab in Murfreesboro , be sure you hire an experienced concrete contractor who specializes in concrete slab design, slab construction, and concrete installation, as well as patio and driveway design and installation.

    In areas where winters are mild, concrete foundation slabs are perfect for home and commercial construction. If your home or business is supported by a concrete foundation, there are a few things to be aware of. Rainwater runoff from your roof and gutter systems can damage concrete if its constantly exposed to pooling water, so make sure you adequately divert water away from your foundation to discourage potential problems. If you live in an area where winter temperatures routinely drop way below freezing, inspect your foundation regularly for signs of cracking.

  • Top Signs That Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

    concrete foundation, new foundation, foundation repair If you’re building a new home from the ground up, you have the benefit of entrusting the construction of your home’s concrete foundation slab with a skilled contractor in Murfreesboro. Expert contractors carefully design and install concrete slabs to prevent future slab-related problems. Unfortunately, if you’re buying a home or live in a home that was built without your input, there’s no way of knowing if the concrete slab was constructed in such a way as to prevent cracks and bear heavy loads for years to come. The best you can do is learn to recognize the signs of foundation problems and seek repair before small concerns become major headaches.

    Cracks in the Walls or Floors

    The most obvious sign that your foundation needs to be looked at is the development of cracks over doorways, above windows, where walls meets the ceiling, along the floor, or along the base of the foundation outside your home. Cracks that taper down to a hairline at an L-shape section such as where a foundation steps down are most likely related to shrinkage and not necessarily indicative of a structural issue, though side-step cracks and horizontal cracks are a much bigger concern and should be inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

    Doors Fail to Latch

    Another sign that may indicate a problem with your home’s foundation is one or more doors inside your home suddenly jamming or failing to latch. This typically is the result of shifting soil beneath the foundation that causes the slab to shift in response. The presence of stair-stepping cracks above the doorway in addition to problems opening, closing, or locking a door is a sure indication of a foundation problem.

    Windows Stick or Won’t Close Completely

    You may also experience similar window problems if your home’s slab foundation has significantly shifted. If windows that used to open and close easily suddenly begin to stick or won’t close completely, schedule a foundation inspection with a structural engineering contractor in your area.

  • The Process of Building a Concrete Foundation

    A strong, stable foundation is one of the most critical elements of new home construction—if not the more critical. It’s important that the slab is designed and constructed in such a way as to bear the heavy load on top of it for decades to come. Although foundation construction is best left to professional contractors, you can see what’s involved in building a concrete foundation by watching this short video from construction celebrity Bob Vila.

    Whether you’re building a home from the ground up or planning an addition to your existing home, it’s important that the foundation is designed and constructed by a team of professionals who can ensure the long-term strength and stability of the slab. In Murfreesboro, Cantrell’s Concrete promises meticulous planning, quality work, and superior finishing to ensure a durable and long-lasting concrete slab . Call Cantrell’s Concrete at (615) 823-6578 to get a free quote on a concrete foundation.

  • Understanding How Foundation Slabs Work

    residential foundation, foundation slab murfreesboro, concrete slabs murfreesboro Your home’s foundation is among its most important structural features. When you are building a new home, you will need to hire a concrete contractor to pour a sturdy concrete foundation for your home. Typically, a home’s foundation is constructed from concrete. Concrete slabs in Murfreesboro offer the durability and stability needed to support the full weight of a home. If you are preparing for a new home construction project, you should make sure that you have the proper foundation for your needs. Here is a closer look at how foundation slabs work to support a home’s structure.

    Poured Concrete Design

    At the heart of a foundation slab is its poured concrete design. Before work can be started on building your home, a concrete contractor will be hired to excavate and pour concrete into your foundation footprint. Typically, foundation concrete can be poured directly on the surface of the ground. Since this is a relatively simple procedure, your foundation slab can be finished in not time.

    Steel Support Beams

    While concrete is incredibly sturdy on its own, most concrete contractors recommend adding steel support beams to a foundation slab design. These support beams are embedded in the concrete as it is poured. Along with these steel supports, many concrete slabs also include durable wire mesh. When a foundation slab is augmented with these structural support systems, it is sometimes called a floating slab. By installing a floating slab for your home, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your structure is fully supported.

    Embedded Electrical and Sewer

    When a concrete contractor creates a foundation slab for your home, he will typically need to make sure that your electrical conduit and sewer lines are already in place. For convenience and safety, these systems are typically located beneath the foundation. If you find that your basement or foundation shows signs of water damage, this could be the result of a slab leak.

  • What Are Foundation Slabs?

    What Are Foundation Slabs? | Murfreesboro Foundation slabs are layers of concrete used to support buildings. These days, almost all buildings are constructed on these slabs because of their stability, durability, and reliability. When poured and formed correctly, concrete slabs are able to support heavy loads quite easily. Concrete is also very cost-effective, which makes it an ideal foundation material. To ensure your home’s or business’s structural longevity, enlist the services of a trustworthy company that specializes in foundation services in Murfreesboro.

    A simple maintenance routine will help extend the life of your concrete foundation. Being aware of its condition is very important. A few key practices you should perform as upkeep are: ensuring proper drainage away from your foundation, avoiding the use of corrosive chemicals on or around concrete, and preventing damage from tree roots. If you have concerns regarding the state of your foundation, or if you have any other construction or concrete restoration questions, contact a professional to set up a consultation.

  • Understanding How Foundation Slabs Work

    Every home building project starts with the pouring of a foundation. Your home’s foundation is what provides the rest of its structure with support and stability. Concrete slabs are among the most popular choices for home foundation materials, and for good reason. A concrete foundation will provide you with a highly durable and weather-resistant first level that will hold up throughout the seasons. When you are planning a home construction project, be sure to hire a company specializing in concrete slabs in Murfreesboro . With the assistance of concrete experts, you will be able to create the ideal foundation for your new home. Let’s take a look at three concrete foundation styles to illustrate how foundation slabs work.

    Slab Foundations T-Shaped Foundation

    T-shaped foundations are some of the most popular concrete foundation styles. The first step of installing a T-shaped foundation is to lay a footing deep underground. Once the footing is in place, the walls of the foundation are poured. Finally, the concrete slab is poured in order to complete the foundation structure. The slab provides support to the home, and the footing prevents frost from damaging the slab itself.

    Slab-on-Grade Foundation

    In a slab-on-grade foundation, the concrete slab is poured directly on the surface of the earth. This thick layer of concrete is designed to be several inches thicker on the edges. With its thicker edges, the foundation slab will provide additional support and stability for the home’s structure. Since the concrete in a slab-on-grade foundation comes in directly in contact with the earth, this type of foundation is best for warmer climates where the ground does not freeze.

    Floating Slab Foundations

    Floating slab foundations are similar to slab-on-grade foundations, in that they come into closer contact with the soil underneath the home. Unlike a slab-on-grade foundation, however, a floating slab is placed several millimeters above the top level of the soil. A floating slab is secured by thick layers of concrete around its edges, which penetrate deep into the surface of the soil.