• Consider These Patterns for Your Driveway

    If you’re looking to add to your curb appeal, consider a new driveway in Murfreesboro . Driveways don’t all have to look the same, so take some time to think about patterns and design ideas before starting your concrete installation. Planning in advance gives you a chance to consider your options. Check out this video and consider these patterns for your driveway.

    A boring driveway might not hurt your curb appeal, but it doesn’t do much to help it either. If you want your property to turn heads for the right reasons, try a unique driveway pattern. The concrete pros can create all kinds of new looks, using techniques like acid chemical staining and sealing. Scoring lets your concrete shrink and expand as necessary, which helps it avoid cracks. Consider contrasting your driveway with the sidewalk using a decorative band for a look that’s hard to miss.

  • Why De-Icing Chemicals Don’t Mix with Driveways

    During the cold winter season, freezing temperatures and moist weather conditions can take a toll on the condition of your concrete driveway . If you want to make sure that your driveway lasts for many years, talk to your concrete contractor serving Smyrna about potential alternatives for traditional de-icing chemicals. While de-icing chemicals are useful for preventing slippery driving surfaces during the winter, they can also cause extreme damage to concrete driveways.

    There are a few reasons why de-icing chemicals don’t mix well with concrete driveways. De-icing products contain harsh chemicals, which can actually eat away at the surface layers of your concrete. Over time, continued use of de-icing products can leave you with a driveway that is chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged. Rather than using de-icing products on your driveway, consider investing in alternatives that are friendly to the surface of your concrete. Sand, for example, is a safe solution for concrete driveway owners.

  • Deciding on the Right Driveway for Your Home

    Your driveway is one of the main features of the exterior of your home. A beautifully constructed concrete driveway will improve your home’s curb appeal, while also providing you with easy access to your garage or front door. If you are considering a concrete driveway installation in Smyrna, contact a local team of concrete contractors. With expert assistance, you will be able to build the driveway of your dreams. Here is an overview of some tips that will help you decide upon the right driveway for your home:

    Evaluate Your Budget

    One of the primary factors that you will need to consider when you are deciding on a driveway design is your budget for the project. A quality driveway does not have to break the bank. In fact, a talented concrete contractor can provide you with an inexpensive driveway that meets your requirements for durability, function, and overall appeal. Before you decide upon a driveway design, go over your budget with a representative from a concrete company.

    Consider Your Area’s Climate

    A driveway is continually exposed to wind, rain, sun, and other harsh weather conditions. As you are planning out your driveway design, be sure to choose a material that is ready to withstand your local climate. Concrete driveways, for instance, can be sealed or treated so that they are extremely resistant to high temperatures and constant sunlight. By matching your driveway to your average climate conditions, you can make sure that your new installation lasts for many years.

    Examine Your Lifestyle

    Lifestyle can play a big role in the ideal driveway for your property. If you own lots of cars or have a large family, be sure to create a driveway that is wide enough to provide all of your vehicles with easy access to your home. Many homeowners also want to make sure that their driveways add style to their properties. With a colored concrete driveway, you can impress your guests by greeting them with luxurious style.

  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Broom Finish Driveways

    If you are seeking a concrete driveway installation that is both attractive and slip resistant, you may want to consider installing a broom finish driveway on your property. This type of driveway is characterized by its ridged texture and rough surface. With services from a company that builds concrete driveways in Murfreesboro, you will be able to create a broom finish driveway that meets your requirements for both safety and style. To highlight the benefits of finishing the surface of your driveway with a broom, here is a look at what you need to know about broom finish driveways.

    Broom finishes are slip resistant

    One of the top advantages of a broom finish driveway is that this type of driveway installation will help to prevent slips and falls on your concrete. When wet concrete is brushed with broom bristles, it will develop a distinctive set of grooves or ridges. This rippled surface will hug onto car tires and shoe soles, providing a durable surface that provides excellent traction and stability.

    Broom finishes can be highly decorative

    While broom finished driveways were initially developed for the practical purpose of improving traction, many property owners are choosing to get creative with the final look and design of their finished driveways. A skilled concrete contractor can brush the surface of the concrete in a decorative pattern that creates visual appeal on the driveway surface. To enhance your broom finish driveway even further, you can treat it with a colored stain.

    Broom finishes should be done by professionals

    Even though it might be tempting to make a broom finish driveway using tools that you have laying around your garage, you may end up dissatisfied with your final results. Creating a broom finish driveway requires knowledge about the setting time of a concrete surface. Hiring a team of professional driveway contractors will allow you to create a broom finish driveway that is a beautiful and functional addition to the front of your home.

  • Why Green Homeowners Are Choosing Concrete for Patios and Driveways

    Going green means reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part to take care of the environment, but what does that have to do with your concrete driveway installation near Murfreesboro? Concrete driveways and patios tend to be easy to clean, so you won’t need to use as much product. You can also use aggregate from previous concrete projects in your patio or driveway, and your concrete professional can help you put sustainable principles into practice. Read on to see why green homeowners are choosing concrete for patios and driveways .

    Concrete is easy to clean.

    If you’re standing on your driveway or patio and using chemicals, you should take care of spills right away. Gasoline, paint, and oil can build up on the surface of your concrete patio or driveway, and they can cause lasting stains. De-icing chemicals can even chip away at your concrete. The good news is that it’s easy to clean up your concrete surfaces. All you need is a strong hose to break down any buildup on your driveway—the use of harsh chemical cleaners is unnecessary. Cleanliness and natural sanitation are elements of the green movement, and homeowners have found great success with concrete patios and driveways.

    Concrete uses aggregate.

    In addition to cleanliness and sanitation, the green movement focuses on sustainability. One of the key ways to enjoy this sustainability is by recycling old products and materials. When you break down an old concrete structure, you may end up with materials that you can use in new projects. By using concrete aggregate in your new patio or driveway, you prevent the need to bring in virgin materials. This saves energy and money, and it reduces the carbon footprint you’ll leave behind.

    Concrete contractors can help you build what you want.

    Green homeowners want their driveways and patios to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, but they should be attractive, as well. Your concrete professional can help you accomplish your design goals without compromising your ethics. There are countless design options when outlining your patio or driveway, and you can work with your concrete professional to get your project done without harming the environment.

  • Top Trends for Driveway Design

    stamp concrete murfreesboro, concrete designs murfreesboro Up until recently, driveways weren’t much more than an afterthought for homeowners. Everybody had a driveway, and the only important thing was that it functioned properly and served its most basic purpose. Today, driveways are seen as being part of a home’s curb appeal, and as a result more homeowners are demanding more when it comes to driveway design. If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal, consider these top trends in driveway design when replacing your existing driveway or installing a brand new one. In any case, make sure you work with an experienced concrete driveway installer in Murfreesboro to bring your vision to life.

    Decorative Patterns

    Concrete is far more versatile than people give it credit for, especially in the hands of skilled contractors. It can be shaped and given surface contours and textures to look like stone, cobble, and brick. Concrete can also be installed in decorative patterns to give your driveway an aesthetic appeal above and beyond the flat look of concrete driveways of the past.

    Colored Concrete

    Another way to boost the aesthetic appeal of your concrete driveway is with colored additives and aggregates. Your driveway installer can provide you with concrete in virtually any color you desire to complement the color of your home.

    Dramatic Lighting

    Outside of what you can do with the concrete itself, another way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your driveway is with dramatic lighting features. Lining your driveway with lights can provide a dramatic look after the sun sets. Lighting can also help to illuminate the color and texture of your driveway so passerby can enjoy and appreciate the look of your driveway even after dark.

    Landscaping Features

    Similarly, incorporating landscaping features into your driveway design can take the aesthetic appeal to new heights. Lining the sides of your driveway with bushes, flowers, and trees can add color and texture that will delight passerby and welcome guests with a refreshing amount of greenery and plant life.