• Should I Have a Foundation Slab for My New Gazebo?

    A new gazebo might be just what your backyard needs: it blocks out the sun so you can hang out outside without being burnt, and it adds a fresh visual element to your landscape. It invites you to eat family dinners in the backyard during the nice weather, and can really tie together your design. Your gazebo might need some help staying upright, however, which means it needs a solid foundation. A concrete foundation in Murfreesboro will prevent your gazebo from sinking into your lawn, so it’ll look and work great over the years. Keep reading if you’re wondering if you should have a foundation slab for your new gazebo.

    Anything that’s going to stand up over time needs a good foundation to stand on. Concrete foundation slabs are a great choice because they’re durable and afford different design options. A sturdy foundation ensures that you get the most out of your investment, but it’s your job to take care of it. Make sure you have a proper drainage system set up so water doesn’t pool on your foundation and cause it to crack or settle. Also, consider root barriers if you have large trees in your yard that might grow into your foundation.

  • FAQs and Answers About Concrete Sealers

    If you know anything about concrete, you know that it’s built to last. Concrete installations near Murfreesboro are expected to hold up over the years due to the natural durability of the material. You can go the extra mile to maintain your installation with concrete sealers. This can be helpful in a multitude of situations, and you’ll get to enjoy the aesthetic results for years as long as the job is done properly. Continue reading for the answers to some frequently asked questions about concrete sealers.

    Is concrete sealing necessary?

    You don’t necessarily have to seal your concrete, as it’s not against the law to leave yours the way it is. However, concrete sealers can make a big difference in the lifespan of your investment. The purpose of concrete sealers is to keep water off of your concrete installation. Concrete absorbs water, and it’s often exposed to rain, garden hoses, and even plumbing leaks. Sealers keep the water out so it doesn’t freeze and thaw on or inside your concrete. Water that gets into concrete and freezes and thaws repeatedly can create cracks and amplify cracks that are already there. Concrete sealing prevents this from happening.

    Does it change the way my concrete looks?

    The way your concrete looks after being sealed depends on several factors, but you will more than likely be happy with the results. The biggest difference-maker is what kind of sealant you choose. Some kinds of sealants will be completely unnoticeable and only offer practical benefits, while others can bring out the color in your concrete and even create a glossy look. You can find sealants with different kinds of finishes, and you can even color the sealers themselves.

    How long will it last?

    Concrete sealers will preserve your concrete and potentially change the way it looks for the better. Just like the aesthetic change depends on the nature of the sealer, so does its longevity. Certain types of sealers, like acrylic-resin may only last for a couple of years. On the other end of the spectrum, reactive chemical sealers may continue to work for more than a decade.

  • Design Ideas for a Small Outdoor Kitchen

    If you want to enjoy time in your backyard, consider including a small outdoor kitchen in your space. This video will provide you with some terrific design ideas for your new outdoor kitchen. A company that offers concrete patios near Murfreesboro can create an ideal space for your outdoor kitchen. After you have poured your concrete patio, you can outfit your kitchen with a barbecue, bar, and dining area.

    From concrete slabs to driveway surfaces and more, an experienced concrete contractor can assist you with many different projects around your home and yard. If you have been dreaming of creating an outdoor kitchen, contact a local contractor to get started on your designs.

  • Keeping Your Concrete Slab Foundation Healthy

    The quality and condition of your foundation will have a major impact on the stability of your entire home. If your home rests on a concrete slab foundation, you will need to take certain steps to protect your foundation slab from wear and tear over time. With professional concrete foundation services near Murfreesboro , you will be able to rest assured that your slab is able to last for many years before it needs major repairs. Read on for a look at some tips that will help you to keep your foundation slab health over the course of time.

    Repair Visible Cracks

    As your foundation settles, it will naturally develop minor cracks on its surface. To keep minor cracks from becoming major problems, you will need to fill in and seal any cracks that you start to notice forming around the exterior of your concrete foundation slab. An epoxy material can be used to fill in the cracks and seal them against water damage. Any cracks that appear to grow over time should be repaired by a team of professionals

    Prevent Moisture Problems

    Moisture is a major enemy of your home’s concrete foundation slab. When moisture comes into contact with concrete, it can cause the molecules to expand and contract. If your foundation slab encounters different moisture levels throughout the seasons, its natural contractions and expansions can lead to major foundation problems. Rock beds and other moisture protection barriers can help you to keep moisture away from your foundation.

    Create an Effective Drainage System

    During a heavy rainstorm, water may have a tendency to collect around your property. While standing water can be troublesome in any area of your yard, puddles around your foundation are particularly worrisome. Standing water that collects around your foundation can cause major water damage. Fortunately, a correctly installed gutter and drainage system will guide water safely away from your foundation. If you start to notice pools of water along your foundation slab, do not wait to set up foundation repair services.

  • Why Green Homeowners Are Choosing Concrete for Patios and Driveways

    Going green means reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part to take care of the environment, but what does that have to do with your concrete driveway installation near Murfreesboro? Concrete driveways and patios tend to be easy to clean, so you won’t need to use as much product. You can also use aggregate from previous concrete projects in your patio or driveway, and your concrete professional can help you put sustainable principles into practice. Read on to see why green homeowners are choosing concrete for patios and driveways .

    Concrete is easy to clean.

    If you’re standing on your driveway or patio and using chemicals, you should take care of spills right away. Gasoline, paint, and oil can build up on the surface of your concrete patio or driveway, and they can cause lasting stains. De-icing chemicals can even chip away at your concrete. The good news is that it’s easy to clean up your concrete surfaces. All you need is a strong hose to break down any buildup on your driveway—the use of harsh chemical cleaners is unnecessary. Cleanliness and natural sanitation are elements of the green movement, and homeowners have found great success with concrete patios and driveways.

    Concrete uses aggregate.

    In addition to cleanliness and sanitation, the green movement focuses on sustainability. One of the key ways to enjoy this sustainability is by recycling old products and materials. When you break down an old concrete structure, you may end up with materials that you can use in new projects. By using concrete aggregate in your new patio or driveway, you prevent the need to bring in virgin materials. This saves energy and money, and it reduces the carbon footprint you’ll leave behind.

    Concrete contractors can help you build what you want.

    Green homeowners want their driveways and patios to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, but they should be attractive, as well. Your concrete professional can help you accomplish your design goals without compromising your ethics. There are countless design options when outlining your patio or driveway, and you can work with your concrete professional to get your project done without harming the environment.

  • How to Add Style to Your Concrete Driveway

    Your driveway is one of the first features that a visitor will notice about the exterior of your home. If you would like your concrete driveway to make a statement about your personal style, you may want to talk to a concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro about your customization options. A contractor that specializes in concrete driveways and other concrete services will be able to fully customize your driveway design to match the unique look of your home.

    To add style to your concrete driveway, you may want to tour some of the custom driveway finishes that are available. Concrete driveways can be accented with special stamping or engraving techniques, which offer the look of natural stone. If you are tired of looking at a gray driveway surface, you may also want to consider boosting the appeal of your driveway with a new colored concrete installation. Other finishes, such as a slick concrete finish, will add an element of luxury to your home’s driveway.

  • A Look a Safe Skid-Steer Loader Operation

    When you rent a skid-steer loader from a concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro, you will want to make sure that you know how to safely operate the machinery. In this video, you will take a look at the essentials of safe skid-steer loader operation. Before you start to operate your skid-steer loader, you will need to check the oil. If the oil levels are correct, you will be ready to buckle up and start using the loader.

    A company that offers concrete slabs and foundation services may also be able to provide you with equipment rentals in your local area. From a bobcat rental to a skid-steer loader rental, you will have a fleet of options that are available for your next project.

  • Is Concrete the Right Choice for Your Patio?

    As the winter season starts to draw to a close, you may want to start planning ahead for expanding your outdoor living space. Concrete patios can be used to create beautiful outdoor living areas that are functional and stylish. A concrete contractor that offers concrete installation near Murfreesboro can help you design the new patio of your dreams. With its durability and good looks, concrete may be the right choice for your new patio material. Here is a look at some questions to ask yourself when you are considering a new concrete patio installation.

    Do You Desire a Custom Look?

    One of the top benefits of a concrete patio is that this type of patio installation can be fully customized to suit your tastes and the overall architectural style of your property. Using concrete stamps, stains, and other types of finishes, your contractor will be able to create a custom patio design that is beautiful and unique. After your concrete patio installation is finished, you will love its attractive and customized look.

    Is Durability Important?

    Along with offering customizable features, your concrete patio will also be extremely durable. Special sealing and finishing methods can be applied to the surface of your concrete patio so that it is completely resistant to wind, rain, and other environmental forces. Other enhancements, such as steel reinforcements, will prevent your concrete patio from cracking over time. A high strength concrete patio will last for many years before it requires significant maintenance.

    Are You Concerned About Easy Maintenance?

    A concrete patio will be easier to maintain than nearly any other outdoor material. After your concrete has been sealed, it will not experience water damage or other forms of deterioration over time. To maintain your concrete patio, you will simply need to sweep or wash its surface at regular intervals. A low maintenance concrete patio will provide you with high style, without the fuss of taking care of a delicate material.

  • Highlighting the Environmental Benefits of Concrete

    When you are seeking an eco friendly material for your driveway or parking lot, you may be surprised to learn that concrete is among the most eco friendly options available. A company that offers concrete slabs in Murfreesboro can help you create a concrete foundation or other concrete form that is constructed from eco smart materials that are friendly to the environment. By gathering information from your concrete contractor, you can learn why this material is a great choice for your property. Read on for a review of some of the environmentally friendly benefits of concrete.

    Low Emissions

    One of the top eco friendly benefits of concrete is that this material produces very few harmful emissions when it is created. Carbon dioxide, which is one of the most notorious pollutants on Earth, can hardly be detected during the concrete production process. In fact, concrete production creates fewer carbon dioxide emissions than nearly any other construction material that is on the market today. With its low emissions, concrete is a friendly choice for our planet’s atmosphere.

    Renewable Materials

    Along with producing very low emissions, concrete is also constructed from materials that are completely renewable. Some of the materials that are commonly used to fabricate concrete include sand, limestone, and gravel. These materials are found in abundance in natural quarries around the world. When you choose to pour a concrete surface on your property, you can feel great knowing that your installation has been constructed from renewable products.

    Recyclable Potential

    Recycling can protect the environment and its fragile natural resources. If your concrete installation eventually becomes too cracked or worn, you will be able to fully recycle your old concrete. Recycled concrete can be used in many different applications, including the creating of retaining walls, paving stones, and other forms of construction materials. A concrete contractor may also be able to break up your concrete into a useful aggregate material.

  • What Is the Difference Between Concrete and Cement?

    When you are getting ready for a concrete installation, you may have questions about the differences between concrete and cement. This video provides a clear demonstration of the differences between the two different materials. Cement is a term that is used to describe a substance that binds materials together. Concrete is the hard mixture that is created when cement is combined with aggregates and other materials. Concrete slabs in Murfreesboro are constructed using various proportions of cement and aggregate.

    A concrete contractor will have the knowledge and skills needed to mix the right type of concrete for your project. By combining different ratios of cement and aggregate, a contractor can create materials for use in various concrete foundation forms. When you work with a concrete expert, you are sure to be pleased with the durability and appearance of your concrete installation.