• Concrete Slab Foundations 101

    When you are building or restoring a home, it is critical to start with a solid foundation. Concrete slabs are among the most popular foundation materials for houses around the country. With services from a qualified concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro, you can build a durable concrete foundation that is ready to support the levels of your new home. Before you embark on a concrete foundation project, it is helpful to understand the basics about how concrete slabs are poured and maintained. Let’s review some essential information that every homeowner should know about concrete slabs.

    Preparing for a Concrete Slab

    One of the main advantages of a concrete slab foundation is that this option is very easy to install. In order to prepare for your concrete slab foundation, you will simply need to make sure that your home’s plumbing and electrical systems have been put into place. After functional plumbing and electrical lines have been installed, your contractors will be able to easily pour your concrete slab on your home site.

    Building a Concrete Slab

    In order to support the levels of a home, a concrete slab needs to be very structurally stable. Before the concrete slab is poured, your contractors will typically lay an even layer of gravel over the foundation site. Next, a plastic moisture barrier will be placed on top of the gravel. Finally, liquid concrete will be poured into a thick concrete mold. Before the concrete sets, your contractors may incorporate reinforcing beams or other supportive materials.

    Maintaining a Concrete Slab

    Keeping a concrete slab properly maintained is fairly simple for any homeowner. To preserve the structural integrity of your concrete slab, you will need to monitor the moisture levels in the soil around your foundation. If the soil is too wet, additional drainage may need to be installed. In the event of a drought, it may also be necessary to moisten the soil that sits along your foundation. Finally, it is also important to protect your foundation from liquid pesticides, tree roots, and broken plumbing pipes.

  • Why Homeowners Can Count on Concrete Slab Foundations

    You want your foundation slab in Murfreesboro to be as sturdy as possible so it can support your home for years to come , and for this reason many gravitate towards concrete. A concrete slab foundation will be more durable than alternatives, and it can do an excellent job of keeping certain pests from invading your home or affecting its structural integrity. Your concrete foundation may also prove to be the most cost effective choice among your options. Take a look ahead if you’d like to learn why homeowners can count on concrete slab foundations.

    Durability and Security

    When you think about different types of foundations, one of your primary concerns should be durability. If you choose a concrete slab foundation, your house will stand on top of the concrete. This means that there are no other factors needed for support, as the concrete is sturdy enough to support the home. A concrete slab foundation can even be used as flooring for certain structures; if your house has a garage or a barn, a concrete slab foundation may be the way to go.

    Protection from Harmful Pests

    Depending on the degree of the infestation, your pest problem may be a nuisance or a cause for real concern. When you have a concrete slab foundation, however, you can protect your home from harmful pests like termites. Since termites feed on wood, they can mean trouble for the structural stability of your home. A concrete slab foundation ensures that your wooden home doesn’t touch the ground, so termites are unable to access the wood. Termites can make easy work of wood, but they can’t burrow into concrete.

    Affordability and Cost Effectiveness

    You never want to cut corners when it comes to choosing the foundation of your house; the last thing you want is to think you’re getting a good deal when you are actually just getting poor work done. One of the best aspects of concrete slab foundations is that they are both durable and affordable. This makes for a cost effective material that can be perfect for all kinds of homes.

  • Take a Look at the Process of Building a Concrete Slab Foundation

    The concrete foundation slab in Murfreesboro that your home rests upon plays an important role in the sustainability and efficiency of your household, but where did it come from? A team of professionals that specializes in concrete slab design meticulously crafted your concrete slab for maximum performance and minimal issues. See the process of building a concrete slab foundation by watching this video.

    A slab on grade concrete slab foundation starts with the design of the architecture. Engineers will look for soil movement below the earth so you know how stiff the slab must be. The slabs are initially covered with vaper barriers to keep moisture out while a grid pattern is created. Your concrete pros can then place rebar and wire mesh to lock everything into place before pouring the concrete on top. You’ll need to cover your concrete foundation with black plastic for a few days to prevent rapid evaporation.