• Essential Backhoe Safety Tips

    renting backhoe, murfreesboro backhoe, backhoe rental Projects that require tough, deep, and long digging are made much easier with a backhoe. Of course heavy-duty equipment like a backhoe is outrageously expensive to purchase, but you can afford to rent a backhoe in Murfreesboro for a few days to complete your project. If you don’t have very much experience operating a backhoe—or if you don’t have any experience at all—make sure you familiarize yourself with these important safety tips before your backhoe rental is dropped off.

    • Locate all underground utility lines before breaking ground
    • Lower stabilizers to the ground before digging
    • Operate backhoes only on grades specified by the manufacturer
    • Lower the attachment to the ground, stop the engine, and remove the ignition key anytime you need to leave the backhoe
    • Do not operate a backhoe from any position other than the operator’s seat with your seat belt securely fastened

    The heavy-duty equipment rental provider supplying your backhoe rental can provide you with additional safety tips and pointers. You may also be interested in renting additional equipment such as excavators and loaders to make your project go by faster and easier.

  • Spotlight on Heavy Equipment Rentals

    When you are planning a construction project, you may need to perform extensive digging or excavation on the site. If you are in need of equipment for your next job, you should be sure to check out the bobcat and backhoe rentals that Cantrell’s Concrete has to offer you.

    Heavy Equipment Rentals in Murfreesboro

    Along with our concrete services and concrete driveways, we also offer a fleet of heavy machinery. Among our equipment rentals, we offer backhoes, compact truck loaders, compact excavators, and skid-steer loaders. By renting your equipment from our company, you can save on the overall cost of purchasing and maintaining your own machinery. In addition, you can rest assured that the equipment that you rent from us will be in perfect operating condition. As a highly rated concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro, we are thrilled to provide our clients with the best concrete and equipment rental services. We look forward to assisting you with your next building project.

  • A Look at Your Backhoe Options

    If you are planning a project that involves major digging, lifting, or transportation, you may want to consider a backhoe rental . By renting a backhoe, you will enjoy the capabilities of heavy duty equipment, without the costs associated with ownership or maintenance. At Cantrell’s Concrete LLC, we offer equipment rentals for a variety of project types. For example, we rent backhoes, skid-steer loaders, compact excavators, and more. All of our equipment is maintained to the highest degree of performance, so you can rent from us with total confidence. When you rent equipment from our concrete company, our expert team of staff will help you select the right machinery for your specific project. Along with our equipment rentals, we also offer foundation services and a variety of other useful concrete installation services. As a highly rated concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro, we can help you complete your next concrete project to perfection.
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