Simple Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Concrete Foundation

Your foundation slab in Murfreesboro forms the base of your house, and an uneven foundation can become a real issue for you and your family. The better you care for your foundation, the more likely it will hold up over time and continue to support your home. The steps to take care of your foundation are simple. Keep an eye out for plumbing leaks and make sure there’s proper drainage, avoid radical soil changes to keep a consistent setting, and don’t use hazardous chemicals around your foundation. Here’s more on the simple steps you can take to protect your concrete foundation.

Take Care of Plumbing Leaks and Drainage

The last thing you want is for your foundation to crack, so remember to watch out for plumbing leaks. No matter how small the leak is, it can gradually damage your foundation. Check your plumbing appliances regularly and fix any problems as soon as you notice them. You should also have a proper drainage system installed so water doesn’t settle around the foundation. Your gutters and downspouts should be functioning properly so water is efficiently directed away from the house and foundation.

Pay Attention to Soil Changes and Setting

The point of the foundation is to provide a stable base for a building, but that foundation needs stability itself. In most cases you should keep moisture away from your foundation. If you’ve gone through a drought, however, you can introduce some water in order to keep the soil from changing. Additionally, you should think about using root barriers to keep tree roots from growing into your foundation and causing problems.

Be Careful When Using Chemicals

Chemicals have a plethora of positive and important uses, but it’s important to use them carefully. As much as they might benefit us, chemicals can also harm us and damage our investments. If you use pesticides and fertilizers to take care of your lawn and landscaping, be especially careful when you’re working around your foundation. These kinds of chemicals can be bad for your foundation, and you might not notice the problems they cause until it’s too late.

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