How to Deal with Stains on Your Concrete Driveway

A dirty and stained concrete driveway near Murfreesboro will probably take away from your curb appeal rather than add to it, so stay on top of your maintenance routine to make sure this is never the case. If you already have stains all over your driveway, you can use chemicals or microorganisms to get rid of them. Talk to your contractor if you can’t do away with the blemishes, and keep reading for tips on how to deal with stains on your concrete driveway.


Oil and grease stains can be quite noticeable, even from the street. When you find them on your driveway, you might consider using chemicals to remove these marks and take back your curb appeal. If the stain isn’t especially deep or large, you might be able to use a reliable detergent with a brush and sponge. You might need a strong concrete cleaner in more severe cases. The stains will likely get worse as you leave them alone, so the sooner you try these methods, the higher your chances of success will be. It tends to be easier to remove stains from porous concrete than from concrete with a hard finish.


One way to deal with concrete driveway stains that you might not have expected is with microorganisms. Certain types of single-celled microorganisms feed on oil, so you can have them consume the stains on your driveway. Then, they turn the oil into carbon dioxide and reproduce, and die once the oil is gone. This means you don’t even have to clean up afterwards, and you’ll have a nice clean concrete driveway once again.

Professional Help

If you’re dealing with a particularly stubborn stain and your removal methods won’t work, it might be time to talk to your concrete contractor. The professionals have years of experience in working with concrete, so they know all the tips and tricks. You can also have your specialist seal your concrete to protect it from stains and buildup in the future. This helps extend its lifespan, so you and your family can enjoy a beautiful concrete driveway for years.

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