Why De-Icing Chemicals Don’t Mix with Driveways

During the cold winter season, freezing temperatures and moist weather conditions can take a toll on the condition of your concrete driveway . If you want to make sure that your driveway lasts for many years, talk to your concrete contractor serving Smyrna about potential alternatives for traditional de-icing chemicals. While de-icing chemicals are useful for preventing slippery driving surfaces during the winter, they can also cause extreme damage to concrete driveways.

There are a few reasons why de-icing chemicals don’t mix well with concrete driveways. De-icing products contain harsh chemicals, which can actually eat away at the surface layers of your concrete. Over time, continued use of de-icing products can leave you with a driveway that is chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged. Rather than using de-icing products on your driveway, consider investing in alternatives that are friendly to the surface of your concrete. Sand, for example, is a safe solution for concrete driveway owners.

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