• Concrete Slab Foundations 101

    When you are building or restoring a home, it is critical to start with a solid foundation. Concrete slabs are among the most popular foundation materials for houses around the country. With services from a qualified concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro, you can build a durable concrete foundation that is ready to support the levels of your new home. Before you embark on a concrete foundation project, it is helpful to understand the basics about how concrete slabs are poured and maintained. Let’s review some essential information that every homeowner should know about concrete slabs.

    Preparing for a Concrete Slab

    One of the main advantages of a concrete slab foundation is that this option is very easy to install. In order to prepare for your concrete slab foundation, you will simply need to make sure that your home’s plumbing and electrical systems have been put into place. After functional plumbing and electrical lines have been installed, your contractors will be able to easily pour your concrete slab on your home site.

    Building a Concrete Slab

    In order to support the levels of a home, a concrete slab needs to be very structurally stable. Before the concrete slab is poured, your contractors will typically lay an even layer of gravel over the foundation site. Next, a plastic moisture barrier will be placed on top of the gravel. Finally, liquid concrete will be poured into a thick concrete mold. Before the concrete sets, your contractors may incorporate reinforcing beams or other supportive materials.

    Maintaining a Concrete Slab

    Keeping a concrete slab properly maintained is fairly simple for any homeowner. To preserve the structural integrity of your concrete slab, you will need to monitor the moisture levels in the soil around your foundation. If the soil is too wet, additional drainage may need to be installed. In the event of a drought, it may also be necessary to moisten the soil that sits along your foundation. Finally, it is also important to protect your foundation from liquid pesticides, tree roots, and broken plumbing pipes.

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  • Get Inspired with These Popular Trends in Concrete Driveway Design

    If you think that your concrete driveway has to look boring or bland, it’s time to think again. Today’s concrete driveways are adorned with beautiful patterns, gorgeous inlays, and other intriguing design features. A concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro can help you design a driveway that incorporates your preferred finish or details. Before you embark on this home improvement project, you may want to check out some of the latest concrete driveway trends. Some popular designs among today’s homeowners include:

    Nature-Inspired Patterns

    In 2017, nature is an inspirational element for many of the aspects of today’s homes. When you are building a new concrete driveway for your property, you may want to use the surrounding nature and landscape as one of your design influences. Your concrete contractor can print flowers, leaves, and other organic patterns, directly into the surface of your driveway. By incorporating the beauty of nature, you can help ensure that this part of your home’s exterior blends perfectly into your landscaping.

    Bold Colors

    While grey concrete driveways remain a popular choice for many properties, some homeowners are choosing to get creative with their color choices. Your concrete driveway can be enhanced with stains or finishes that add bold colors to the finished surface. From bright reds to elegant neutrals, your concrete specialist can provide you with an assortment of stains and finishes for your driveway. Acid staining and other finishing techniques can also provide your driveway with the look of natural stone.

    Integrated Lighting

    Lighting can add safety and appeal to your new driveway. Rather than including a lighting design as an afterthought to your initial installation, you may want to incorporate lighting from the beginning of your construction project. Integrated lighting can be installed directly into your concrete driveway so that it matches the architectural style of the finished slab. You can choose from a variety of lighting options, including bold spotlights, calming accent lights, or motion-activated security lights.

  • FAQs and Answers About Concrete Slab Foundations

    Concrete slabs are among the most common types of foundations that are found in homes across the state of Tennessee. When you are building a new home, or renovating an existing property from the ground up, you will need to hire a contractor to pour a concrete foundation near Murfreesboro . A properly poured and leveled concrete foundation will provide your home with a structurally stable support system. To help you prepare for your foundation installation, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about concrete slab foundations.

    What are the benefits of a concrete slab?

    A concrete slab foundation can offer several benefits for your home. Due to the naturally stable and supportive properties of concrete, a slab foundation will be able to support your home’s structural components throughout every season of the year. Once your concrete slab has been poured, you can rest assured that your home is protected from common structural issues, such as uneven floors or leaning doorways.

    Who should install my concrete slab?

    If you are new to the home building process, you may have questions about who to hire for your concrete slab foundation installation. Typically, these foundations are installed by qualified contractors. A contractor who specializes in working with concrete will have the tools to mix, pour, and level out your new slab foundation. Before you hire a contractor to install your foundation, be sure to ask about their experience with concrete slab foundations.

    How do I protect my concrete slab foundation?

    While concrete slab foundations are incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear, they can be vulnerable to damage over time. To protect your foundation, you must make sure that your property has a properly installed drainage system. Without correct draining, water can pool around your foundation and cause cracks and other types of damage. Mature tree roots and plumbing pipes should also be routinely inspected to make sure that they are not causing foundation issues.