Keeping Your Concrete Slab Foundation Healthy

The quality and condition of your foundation will have a major impact on the stability of your entire home. If your home rests on a concrete slab foundation, you will need to take certain steps to protect your foundation slab from wear and tear over time. With professional concrete foundation services near Murfreesboro , you will be able to rest assured that your slab is able to last for many years before it needs major repairs. Read on for a look at some tips that will help you to keep your foundation slab health over the course of time.

Repair Visible Cracks

As your foundation settles, it will naturally develop minor cracks on its surface. To keep minor cracks from becoming major problems, you will need to fill in and seal any cracks that you start to notice forming around the exterior of your concrete foundation slab. An epoxy material can be used to fill in the cracks and seal them against water damage. Any cracks that appear to grow over time should be repaired by a team of professionals

Prevent Moisture Problems

Moisture is a major enemy of your home’s concrete foundation slab. When moisture comes into contact with concrete, it can cause the molecules to expand and contract. If your foundation slab encounters different moisture levels throughout the seasons, its natural contractions and expansions can lead to major foundation problems. Rock beds and other moisture protection barriers can help you to keep moisture away from your foundation.

Create an Effective Drainage System

During a heavy rainstorm, water may have a tendency to collect around your property. While standing water can be troublesome in any area of your yard, puddles around your foundation are particularly worrisome. Standing water that collects around your foundation can cause major water damage. Fortunately, a correctly installed gutter and drainage system will guide water safely away from your foundation. If you start to notice pools of water along your foundation slab, do not wait to set up foundation repair services.

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