A Homeowner’s Guide to Broom Finish Driveways

If you are seeking a concrete driveway installation that is both attractive and slip resistant, you may want to consider installing a broom finish driveway on your property. This type of driveway is characterized by its ridged texture and rough surface. With services from a company that builds concrete driveways in Murfreesboro, you will be able to create a broom finish driveway that meets your requirements for both safety and style. To highlight the benefits of finishing the surface of your driveway with a broom, here is a look at what you need to know about broom finish driveways.

Broom finishes are slip resistant

One of the top advantages of a broom finish driveway is that this type of driveway installation will help to prevent slips and falls on your concrete. When wet concrete is brushed with broom bristles, it will develop a distinctive set of grooves or ridges. This rippled surface will hug onto car tires and shoe soles, providing a durable surface that provides excellent traction and stability.

Broom finishes can be highly decorative

While broom finished driveways were initially developed for the practical purpose of improving traction, many property owners are choosing to get creative with the final look and design of their finished driveways. A skilled concrete contractor can brush the surface of the concrete in a decorative pattern that creates visual appeal on the driveway surface. To enhance your broom finish driveway even further, you can treat it with a colored stain.

Broom finishes should be done by professionals

Even though it might be tempting to make a broom finish driveway using tools that you have laying around your garage, you may end up dissatisfied with your final results. Creating a broom finish driveway requires knowledge about the setting time of a concrete surface. Hiring a team of professional driveway contractors will allow you to create a broom finish driveway that is a beautiful and functional addition to the front of your home.

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