A Look at the Process of Concrete Patio Installation

If your backyard is in need of a makeover before the summer season arrives, you may want to think about installing a durable new concrete patio on your property. With services from an experienced concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro, you will be able to design an attractive concrete patio that pairs beautifully with the exterior of your home. A team of concrete installation specialists will know how to prepare, pour, and finish your concrete so that the final result is even and attractive. Here is a look at the process of concrete patio installation.

Prepare the Subgrade

A quality patio installation will begin with the preparation of the subgrade. The subgrade sits underneath the patio slab, and ensures that the concrete sits level and is able to drain properly. Before the concrete can be poured onto the site, the subgrade must be compacted and smoothed out using compaction equipment. If the contractor determines that the soil that is already on your property will not make a durable subgrade, new earth may need to be supplied.

Create Durable Reinforcement

Your patio will need to be able to support the weight of yourself and all of your guests, as well as any furnishings or potted plants that you choose to put on its surface. To create a patio that is extremely strong and able to bear heavier loads, your contractor may craft reinforcements out of steel beams or other materials. Once the beams and exterior forms have been placed, the concrete can be poured.

Achieve the Right Concrete Mixture

When it comes time to pour the concrete into the mold, your contractor will make sure that the mixture is not too wet or too dry. A dry mix will not pour evenly, whereas a wet mixture might have trouble drying correctly. Finding the right combination of concrete and water will allow for a smooth and even pour. After the concrete has been poured, you can choose to stamp it or stain it for added visual effects.

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