• A Look at the Process of Concrete Patio Installation

    If your backyard is in need of a makeover before the summer season arrives, you may want to think about installing a durable new concrete patio on your property. With services from an experienced concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro, you will be able to design an attractive concrete patio that pairs beautifully with the exterior of your home. A team of concrete installation specialists will know how to prepare, pour, and finish your concrete so that the final result is even and attractive. Here is a look at the process of concrete patio installation.

    Prepare the Subgrade

    A quality patio installation will begin with the preparation of the subgrade. The subgrade sits underneath the patio slab, and ensures that the concrete sits level and is able to drain properly. Before the concrete can be poured onto the site, the subgrade must be compacted and smoothed out using compaction equipment. If the contractor determines that the soil that is already on your property will not make a durable subgrade, new earth may need to be supplied.

    Create Durable Reinforcement

    Your patio will need to be able to support the weight of yourself and all of your guests, as well as any furnishings or potted plants that you choose to put on its surface. To create a patio that is extremely strong and able to bear heavier loads, your contractor may craft reinforcements out of steel beams or other materials. Once the beams and exterior forms have been placed, the concrete can be poured.

    Achieve the Right Concrete Mixture

    When it comes time to pour the concrete into the mold, your contractor will make sure that the mixture is not too wet or too dry. A dry mix will not pour evenly, whereas a wet mixture might have trouble drying correctly. Finding the right combination of concrete and water will allow for a smooth and even pour. After the concrete has been poured, you can choose to stamp it or stain it for added visual effects.

  • Inside the Cement Making Process

    Cement is a key ingredient in the process of making concrete. In this video, you will take a look at how cement is made. In order to make this material, the manufacturer must mine raw limestone materials from quarries deep in the ground. After workers have drilled out the right materials, they grind them into a fine powder. A concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro can answer any other questions that you may have about how cement is made.

    If you are considering installing a new foundation slab or concrete driveway for your home, be sure to get in touch with your local concrete company. A contractor that specializes in concrete services will be able to help you achieve the best results from your installation.

  • Upgrading to a Concrete Driveway: What You Need to Know

    If you are getting tired of continually sealing and maintaining your asphalt driveway, now may be the time to install a new concrete driveway for your home. Concrete driveways offer all of the benefits of asphalt driveways, but their surfaces are much more durable and resistant to wear and tear. A contractor that specializes in installing concrete driveways near Murfreesboro can help you create a custom driveway that is the perfect addition to your home’s exterior. Here is a look at what you need to know about concrete driveways.

    Concrete Driveways are Extremely Durable

    One of the top benefits of making the switch to a concrete driveway is that your new driveway installation will be incredibly durable. While asphalt needs to be sealed periodically every few years, your concrete driveway will not need any major sealing or maintenance for up to 30 years. You can rest assured that your concrete surface is strong enough to withstand traffic from all of your vehicles.

    Concrete Driveways Can be Customized

    Along with offering superior durability, concrete driveways are also customizable to your personal tastes and preferences. If you are seeking a driveway that offers a clean and simple look, you can choose a plain concrete slab. Homeowners that are seeking driveways that offer show stopping appeal can choose to stamp, stain, or add other decorative features to their concrete surfaces. When it comes to choosing your concrete driveway design, the only limit is your imagination.

    Concrete Driveways Require Minimal Maintenance

    In order to keep your driveway looking great for the duration of its lifespan, you will want to provide it with a few simple maintenance procedures. At least once a month, it is a great idea to gently spray the surface of your driveway down with a hose. If you accidentally spill cleaning chemicals or car fluids on your driveway, you will want to make sure that you hose them off right away. With basic maintenance procedures, you can keep your concrete driveway in great shape.

  • Why Homeowners Should Choose Cement Over Asphalt

    When you are gearing up for a new driveway installation, you may have questions about whether concrete or asphalt will be the best fit for your needs . While asphalt may seem like it is a quick and easy fix for your driveway, you may ultimately be disappointed with the performance and durability of this material. A concrete specialist that offers concrete driveway installation in Murfreesboro can provide you with detailed information about the relative benefits of concrete and asphalt.

    If you want your driveway to last for as long as possible before it needs to be replaced, you will want to be sure to choose a concrete driveway for your home. Your concrete driveway will be resistant to cracks, chips, and stains, without the need to be sealed every few years. In order to keep your asphalt driveway from deteriorating over time, you may find yourself performing time-consuming and costly sealing procedures. After learning about the many benefits of concrete, you will be ready for your installation.