How to Keep Your Concrete Slab Foundation in Top Condition

Your home’s foundation plays a critical role in its stability, and maintaining it is important for preventing damage to your home and the need for costly repairs. Is your home on a concrete foundation slab in Murfreesboro ? If so, then continue reading for tips on keeping your foundation in great shape.

Encourage Good Drainage

Ensuring that rainfall can efficiently move away from your home’s foundation is essential for protecting the concrete. When water accumulates around your home instead of draining away or being deposited away from the foundation, the moisture can cause the concrete to settle and crack. To promote good drainage, you should regularly inspect your gutters for damage, have them cleaned regularly, and check that they are depositing the water a minimum of 5 feet from your foundation. If your property is soggy or has puddles after a rainstorm, then consider installing a French drain or modifying your landscape to encourage better drainage.

Focus on Stability

Just as too much water can cause changes in the soil that cause your foundation to crack, so can too little moisture. To help protect your foundation, you want to keep the soil around it as stable as possible. To do this and prevent changes in the soil, consider watering the area around your foundation during dry spells.

Protect the Foundation

To help keep your concrete slab design in top condition, you should avoid using fertilizers and pesticides in the areas directly around the foundation. Also, if you have large trees near your home, then installing root barriers can help stop tree roots from cracking the concrete.

Maintain Your Plumbing

When it comes to protecting your property in general, keeping your plumbing in good condition is essential. Many homeowners know that a plumbing problem can lead to water damage and mold issues, but not all realize the effect that a water leak can have on their home’s foundation. To keep moisture under control and protect the concrete, inspect your plumbing regularly or hire a plumber to perform an annual inspection.

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