Take a Look at the Process of Building a Concrete Slab Foundation

The concrete foundation slab in Murfreesboro that your home rests upon plays an important role in the sustainability and efficiency of your household, but where did it come from? A team of professionals that specializes in concrete slab design meticulously crafted your concrete slab for maximum performance and minimal issues. See the process of building a concrete slab foundation by watching this video.

A slab on grade concrete slab foundation starts with the design of the architecture. Engineers will look for soil movement below the earth so you know how stiff the slab must be. The slabs are initially covered with vaper barriers to keep moisture out while a grid pattern is created. Your concrete pros can then place rebar and wire mesh to lock everything into place before pouring the concrete on top. You’ll need to cover your concrete foundation with black plastic for a few days to prevent rapid evaporation.

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