• The Steps of Creating a Foundation Slab

    foundation slab, murfreesboro concrete When laying a foundation slab for a home, you need to work with a concrete company that knows exactly what they are doing. Foundation slabs that are built improperly will often crack or sag over time and cause issues inside your home. A strong foundation is essential, so you want to make sure your concrete foundation in Murfreesboro is constructed the right way to avoid problems. Here are the steps involved with creating a foundation slab.

    Preparing Your Property

    Before creating a foundation slab, you will need to prepare your property for your new foundation . You should do this by removing any sticks, rocks, and other debris on your property. Ideally, you should work with a company that has access to a backhoe rental to make this part of the process easier. After you’re finished removing debris, your foundation contractor will mark the perimeter of your foundation slab and dig footers that will be used to support your foundation. Next, the contractor will place a four to six-inch layer of packed gravel with a thin sheet of plastic over it.

    Pouring Cement for the Footers

    Once your property is prepared for your foundation, it’s time for your concrete company to pour cement into the footers. Your footers are used to keep your foundation slab in place and prevent it from sagging, so you want to make sure that this step is executed by a professional. This will ensure that you don’t encounter any long-term issues due to a shifting foundation.

    Laying the Foundation Slab

    After your footers have dried, it will be time for you to lay down your foundation slab. A concrete company will surround the perimeter of your foundation with wooden boards and pour concrete inside them to create your foundation. Wire mesh and steel-reinforcing beams will also be added to your foundation in order to make it as strong as possible. Once your foundation dries, you can build your home on top of it.

  • Choosing a Layout for Your Concrete Patio

    concrete patio, concrete murfreesboro Adding a concrete patio to your home’s outdoor space is a great way to transform the look and feel of it. Concrete is very durable, requires almost no maintenance, and is one of the most cost-effective patio materials. Cantrell’s Concrete LLC knows how to install concrete patios near Murfreesboro quickly and can put one into your backyard today.

    One of the biggest benefits of a concrete patio is that you can choose just about any layout that you want. Whether you decide to go with a square patio, an L-shaped patio, or a circular patio, all options are available. We are able to meet the demands of our customers, and can show you just how versatile concrete can be when it comes to patios. We take concrete installation very seriously and will work to make sure you are satisfied with your patio. When you trust Cantrell’s Concrete LLC with your concrete patio, we will deliver a superior product that will allow you to entertain guests and enjoy your outdoor space even more than you already do.

  • Why Should You Consider a Bobcat Rental?

    bobcat rental murfreesboro, concrete murfreesboro Do you need to prepare a portion of your land for a new foundation, or are you doing heavy-duty digging as part of a different kind of project? If so, you could benefit from a Bobcat rental in Murfreesboro . A Bobcat is equipped to pick up and transport just about anything, and can make any job easier. Check out some of the reasons to consider a Bobcat rental below.

    Get Through Difficult Jobs More Quickly

    Whether you’re excavating dirt in preparation for a foundation or removing a concrete patio so you can replace it with a new one, a Bobcat rental will make life less stressful. If you attempt to do these kinds of jobs without the use of heavy-duty equipment, you could spend days or even weeks finishing them. But when you rent a Bobcat, it will only take you a few hours to finish the excavation so you can move on to the next step.

    Pick Up and Move Extremely Heavy Items

    No matter how many people you have working on a job, there are some items—such as concrete blocks—that are going to be too heavy for your workers to move. You could spend time breaking these items down into more manageable pieces, or you could use a Bobcat rental to get the job done more quickly. With a Bobcat, you can pick up very heavy items and move them around in a matter of minutes.

    Save Time and Money

    Some companies purchase Bobcats to use on job sites. However, Bobcats and other types of heavy-duty equipment are expensive and, in some cases, difficult to maintain. Plus, you will need to worry about storing them when they’re not being used. When you work with a company that offers affordable Bobcat rentals, you can access a Bobcat whenever you need it for a specific job.

  • Pouring a Concrete Deck Footing

    One of the most important aspects of building a deck is pouring concrete footings that will be used to hold your entire deck up. These footings must be installed properly to avoid problems with your deck in the future. Watch this video to learn more about deck footings and concrete installation .

    Before pouring concrete for a deck footing, it’s important to dig into the ground and install a form used to hold a concrete footing. Once this form has been put into place, it will make your concrete installation go smoothly. An experienced concrete company can install concrete deck footings and provide your deck with the support it needs. As long as the deck footing is installed properly, you won’t have to worry about your deck shifting or being uneven.