• Answers About Concrete Floors

    concrete floors, concrete murfreesboro Concrete is experiencing a surge in popularity in recent years, as many interior designers are turning to this industrial material as a viable flooring option. Here are answers to a few common questions about concrete floors. For more information, contact a professional concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro .

    What Are the Basic Benefits of Concrete Flooring?

    Used as flooring, concrete is a highly durable option. It’s very economical—easy to install, low maintenance, and affordable. Polished and stained concrete is beautiful and elegant, and is adaptable to any design scheme.

    Are Concrete Floors Cold and Rough?
    Just like ceramic tile, or natural stone like marble or travertine, concrete has the potential to be cold. Concrete can also absorb and radiate heat, which makes it a perfect match for radiant floor heaters. Regarding texture, raw concrete can be polished and sealed, and can feel smooth like natural stone.

    Are Concrete Floors Slippery?
    Because polished and sealed concrete is smooth, it can become slick when wet—similar to other hard surfaces like tile, marble, vinyl, and linoleum. To increase traction on concrete floors, mix in a nonslip additive to your concrete sealer before applying it.

    Are Concrete Floors Moist?

    Once properly installed and sealed, concrete floors won’t become wet to the touch like a building’s concrete foundation that’s been left untreated. That being said, be sure to take care of any water issues you encounter, such as accidental spills. If you have moisture problems in your home, enlist the help of a concrete contractor.

    Do Concrete Floors Require Maintenance?

    Concrete floors require little maintenance, especially when they’re properly sealed. Like all types of floors, concrete flooring can benefit from routine cleanings—that is, daily sweeping, and weekly or bi-monthly mopping. Use mild soaps and cleaning solutions on concrete, and avoid harsh chemicals that could potentially be corrosive. If feasible, power washing can do wonders for your concrete floors.

  • Caring for a Concrete Driveway

    Got an old concrete driveway you need to maintain? Getting a new concrete driveway installed and want to learn how to maintain its appearance, performance, and durability for many years to come? Either way, you’ll learn some helpful concrete maintenance tips in this informative interview from Angie’s List. You’ll also learn about your options when it comes to installing a new concrete driveway and the benefits concrete offers over asphalt.

    If your old driveway is beyond repair, think about investing in a new concrete driveway . Not only will a new concrete driveway greatly improve your home’s curb appeal, but it can also add real value to your home and will even save you the time and energy you’re used to spending maintaining an old, worn out driveway. Pairing your new concrete driveway with new concrete walkways will transform the look and feel of your home’s exterior. Contact a concrete contractor in Murfreesboro today to get a quote on a new concrete driveway.

  • Maintenance Tips for Concrete Floors

    concrete floors Whether you have decorative concrete floors inside your home or a newly poured concrete patio , taking care of the concrete surfaces around your home will ensure decades of good looks and even better performance. And the good news is that concrete floors and decorative concrete surfaces are relatively easy to care for compared to other types of flooring surfaces and materials. Although outdoor concrete sidewalks and driveways don’t require much more than the occasional sweeping and power-washing, the tips that follow will help you keep your more aesthetically-pleasing interior concrete floors looking good over the years.

    Apply a Floor Sealer

    The best way to keep your concrete surfaces looking their best is to keep them protect with a good floor sealer . Sealers provide a top layer that serves to protect the concrete below from chips, scratches, and stains. A high-quality floor sealer can also enhance the appearance of your concrete floors, especially if you have a decorative floor that sports a unique finish.

    Use Specially-Designed Concrete Floor Wax

    For further protection against minor damage and stains, be sure to apply a commercial-grade floor wax designed for use on concrete floors. Concrete floor wax will help preserve the sealer, which means the protective layer immediately above the concrete floors will last even longer and as a result so will the concrete floors below. Concrete floor wax is a cheap way to protect your floors while also giving them a lush and luxurious shine.

    Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

    Speaking of specially-designed cleaning solutions, it’s important that you only use those solutions recommended by your concrete contractor or by the manufacturer of the floor sealer or finishing wax you use. Harsh cleaning products and other solutions not specifically designed and formulated for use on concrete floors can have a damaging effect over time.

    Lay Down Floor Mats

    It may seem obvious, but a great way to prevent wear and tear in areas of heavy traffic (entrances and foyers, for example) is to use floor mats. In addition to adding a decorative element inside your home, mats and other floor coverings will also reduce maintenance and wear and tear on concrete floors.

  • A Look at Cantrell’s Equipment Rentals

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