• Examining the Benefits of Aggregate Driveways

    driveway house, home driveway, cantrells concrete, concrete driveway Concrete driveways are very popular, and for good reason. Not only are concrete driveways more durable than asphalt ones, but they can last for decades without any real maintenance efforts on the part of the homeowner. That being said, some people are understandably turned away by the appearance of concrete driveways. If you’re one of those people who want to make a statement with your driveway, talk to a driveway installation company in Murfreesboro about an aggregate driveway. Continue reading to learn more about aggregate driveways and the benefits they offer homeowners.

    Visually Striking Surface

    Rich colors and textures abound on aggregate driveways , allowing you to install a driveway that is much of a centerpiece and conversation starter as it is a functional part of your home. There are a wide range of different finishes to choose from, which means you can coordinate your aggregate driveway with the rest of your home and the surrounding landscape.

    Durable Finish

    Despite how good it looks, the measure of a driveway is how well it stands up to abuse and the elements over time. A natural aggregate finish provides the durability and structural integrity of a concrete driveway, which means you can expect decades of durable performance without sinking, heaving, or cracking. And best of all, aggregate driveways require very little maintenance on your part.

    Practical and Safe

    In addition to providing an attractive surface, aggregate driveways are practical and safe. The unique characteristics of an aggregate finish inhibits weeds and moss, while the surface itself is naturally slip resistant. And because aggregate driveways are installed as a continuous surface, tripping hazards are reduced.

    If you would like to learn more about aggregate driveways or how they compare to concrete and asphalt driveways, get in touch with a concrete construction company in your area. Whichever surface you choose, you will need a quality contractor to ensure that your driveway is properly installed.

  • Essential Backhoe Safety Tips

    renting backhoe, murfreesboro backhoe, backhoe rental Projects that require tough, deep, and long digging are made much easier with a backhoe. Of course heavy-duty equipment like a backhoe is outrageously expensive to purchase, but you can afford to rent a backhoe in Murfreesboro for a few days to complete your project. If you don’t have very much experience operating a backhoe—or if you don’t have any experience at all—make sure you familiarize yourself with these important safety tips before your backhoe rental is dropped off.

    • Locate all underground utility lines before breaking ground
    • Lower stabilizers to the ground before digging
    • Operate backhoes only on grades specified by the manufacturer
    • Lower the attachment to the ground, stop the engine, and remove the ignition key anytime you need to leave the backhoe
    • Do not operate a backhoe from any position other than the operator’s seat with your seat belt securely fastened

    The heavy-duty equipment rental provider supplying your backhoe rental can provide you with additional safety tips and pointers. You may also be interested in renting additional equipment such as excavators and loaders to make your project go by faster and easier.

  • Top Signs That Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

    concrete foundation, new foundation, foundation repair If you’re building a new home from the ground up, you have the benefit of entrusting the construction of your home’s concrete foundation slab with a skilled contractor in Murfreesboro. Expert contractors carefully design and install concrete slabs to prevent future slab-related problems. Unfortunately, if you’re buying a home or live in a home that was built without your input, there’s no way of knowing if the concrete slab was constructed in such a way as to prevent cracks and bear heavy loads for years to come. The best you can do is learn to recognize the signs of foundation problems and seek repair before small concerns become major headaches.

    Cracks in the Walls or Floors

    The most obvious sign that your foundation needs to be looked at is the development of cracks over doorways, above windows, where walls meets the ceiling, along the floor, or along the base of the foundation outside your home. Cracks that taper down to a hairline at an L-shape section such as where a foundation steps down are most likely related to shrinkage and not necessarily indicative of a structural issue, though side-step cracks and horizontal cracks are a much bigger concern and should be inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

    Doors Fail to Latch

    Another sign that may indicate a problem with your home’s foundation is one or more doors inside your home suddenly jamming or failing to latch. This typically is the result of shifting soil beneath the foundation that causes the slab to shift in response. The presence of stair-stepping cracks above the doorway in addition to problems opening, closing, or locking a door is a sure indication of a foundation problem.

    Windows Stick or Won’t Close Completely

    You may also experience similar window problems if your home’s slab foundation has significantly shifted. If windows that used to open and close easily suddenly begin to stick or won’t close completely, schedule a foundation inspection with a structural engineering contractor in your area.