• The Process of Building a Concrete Foundation

    A strong, stable foundation is one of the most critical elements of new home construction—if not the more critical. It’s important that the slab is designed and constructed in such a way as to bear the heavy load on top of it for decades to come. Although foundation construction is best left to professional contractors, you can see what’s involved in building a concrete foundation by watching this short video from construction celebrity Bob Vila.

    Whether you’re building a home from the ground up or planning an addition to your existing home, it’s important that the foundation is designed and constructed by a team of professionals who can ensure the long-term strength and stability of the slab. In Murfreesboro, Cantrell’s Concrete promises meticulous planning, quality work, and superior finishing to ensure a durable and long-lasting concrete slab . Call Cantrell’s Concrete at (615) 823-6578 to get a free quote on a concrete foundation.

  • Tips for Hiring a Concrete Contractor

    When you are planning on pouring concrete slabs or a new concrete driveway on your property, it is important to make sure that your concrete installation is performed to perfection. With the help of a contractor offering concrete installation near Murfreesboro , you can rest assured that your concrete has been poured and molded properly. In addition, your concrete contractor will work with you to help you design the best concrete project for your home or commercial building. Read on for some essential tips for hiring a concrete contractor for your next project.

    Do Your Research

    The first step of hiring a concrete contractor is to do your research on the types of services that they provide. For example, when you are gearing up for a concrete patio installation, you will need to take a look at all of the patio textures, styles, and colors that can be used for your property. In addition, you may want to research some top concrete installation trends for homes and businesses. Doing your research will help you know what to expect from your concrete installation.

    Ask for an Estimate

    A quality concrete contractor will be able to provide you with an estimate for all of the services that he or she will be performing on your property. With a written estimate, you will get a full overview of each step of your concrete installation project. In addition, you will also have an idea of how your concrete project will fit into your overall budget.

    Check Licensing and References

    The final step of hiring a concrete contractor is to check their licensing and references. A high quality concrete contractor will have great references from past clients in your local area. In order to legally perform concrete contracting services, a contractor also needs to carry the proper licensing and credentials. A well-respected contractor with great references is a smart choice for your concrete installation project.

  • The Basics of Installing a Concrete Driveway

    concrete driveway, murfreesboro concrete Although there are a wide range of different driveway materials to choose from, the choice most often comes down to concrete or asphalt. Asphalt driveways tend to be less expensive and are generally easier to repair than concrete, but that’s pretty much the extent of the advantages asphalt has over concrete. Not only does concrete require less maintenance than asphalt, but concrete driveways typically last decades longer than asphalt ones. However, in order to realize all of the benefits of a concrete driveway it’s crucial that your driveway is properly installed. For best results, trust the job to an experienced concrete driveway installation company in Murfreesboro. This post will give you insights into the concrete driveway installation process and what to expect from your concrete contractor.

    Subgrade Prep

    The first and most important step of installing a concrete driveway is properly preparing the subgrade. Uniformity in both soil composition and compaction will ensure adequate support and prevent settlement and cracking after the concrete cures. This step is especially important if the site of your driveway is above an expansive type of soil.

    Correct Joint Placement

    Although minor cracks are to be expected over time and don’t generally pose a major structural problem, they can be an eyesore. Correctly placed control joints and isolation joints can prevent random cracking and help to maintain the structural integrity of your concrete driveway for many years to come. Your concrete installer should provide a jointing plan and be able to explain how control joints and isolation joints will strengthen and reinforce your new driveway.

    Steel Reinforcement

    The last step before concrete is poured, leveled, and finished is to lay down steel reinforcement to provide additional structural capacity and strength. Your contractor may recommend either wire mesh, steel rebar, or synthetic fibers depending on the size, placement, and design of your proposed concrete driveway.

  • The Concrete Forming Process

    When you are pouring concrete slabs, concrete forming is among the most important steps of your project. Your concrete form will determine the final shape and stability of your concrete slab. In addition, concrete forms are important for ensuring that concrete driveways have the proper shape and texture. With the help of a concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro , you will be able to rest assured that your concrete slab design is completed to perfection. Your concrete contractor will have the tools and experience needed to create a concrete form that is perfectly suited to your project. To take an up close look at the concrete forming process, check out this informative video from Concrete Network.