• Using a Concrete Power Mixer

    When it comes to laying concrete, the power mixer is one of the best tools a concrete contractor has at his disposal. These simple yet powerful machines quickly, safely, and easily mix hundreds of pounds of concrete at a single time. When using a concrete power mixer, it’s important to wear proper safety equipment, including goggles, ear protection, and a breathing apparatus. Watch this clip to see a concrete power mixer in action.

    If you’re planning a concrete structure or surface around your home or business, save yourself valuable time and energy by hiring a concrete contractor in Murfreesboro . Concrete professionals can have your concrete project completed in no time, including concrete driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, slabs, and more.

  • Take a look at Hand-Mixed Concrete

    Are you ready to tackle that weekend-warrior project? Knowing how to mix concrete by hand is an invaluable skill in your home-improvement arsenal. That being said, DIY projects come in varying degrees of difficulty, so make sure you are mindful of your skillset. If you feel a job involving concrete is too much for you to handle alone—for example, fixing your home’s uneven foundation or a cracked foundation slab—contact your concrete contractor near Murfreesboro for help.

    There are several tools and accessories you will need to handle concrete. Take a look at this step-by-step video to learn the basics of how to mix concrete by hand. Once you are comfortable performing the outlined techniques, you will be ready to get your hands dirty. Not only will you discover that the process is fun and engaging, but you will also find that it is extremely satisfying.

  • Get Ready for Summer with Ideas for Concrete Projects

    Summer is just around the corner, which means you will be spending a lot more time outside. Whether you plan to entertain guests on your concrete patio near Murfreesboro or have a picnic party on the lawn with your family, these great ideas for projects using concrete will certainly spruce up your outdoor entertainment space.

    Simple Projects Anyone Can Do
    Working with concrete should not be an intimidating thing. Mixing concrete by hand to make these simple projects will prove to be fun and gratifying. For example, concrete planters are easy to make, usually within a few hours, and are a delightful addition to any garden space, patio, or porch. Concrete beverage coasters are another easy and creative project. Simply use a circular mold—a sectioned piece of plumbing pipe should work—and fill it with wet concrete, adorn it to your liking, and then allow it to set. For a more playful approach, you might consider a large cookie-cutter mold.

    Summer Concrete Projects | Murfreesboro Projects That Require More Skill
    If you are feeling ambitious, you could try to construct something grander like a fire pit or a garden bench . When it comes to furniture making, concrete is a great material to use because it is versatile. This helpful characteristic will allow you to realize any design you may dream up. Keep in mind that large pieces of furniture or elaborate designs will require you to build bulky molds or complex structural forms out of wood, so you must be comfortable with using power tools safely.

    Projects Best Left to the Professionals
    Most large-scale projects demand the finesse and craftsmanship of a professional concrete contractor. If you decide to go this route, you will have nearly unlimited options for custom concrete designs such as: elegant furniture, state-of-the-art fire pits, or show-stopping fountains. While you are at it, have your professional determine if any concrete restoration is needed on your property. Whatever your plans may be, contacting your concrete and foundation specialist will surely make your house shine this summer.

  • What Are Foundation Slabs?

    What Are Foundation Slabs? | Murfreesboro Foundation slabs are layers of concrete used to support buildings. These days, almost all buildings are constructed on these slabs because of their stability, durability, and reliability. When poured and formed correctly, concrete slabs are able to support heavy loads quite easily. Concrete is also very cost-effective, which makes it an ideal foundation material. To ensure your home’s or business’s structural longevity, enlist the services of a trustworthy company that specializes in foundation services in Murfreesboro.

    A simple maintenance routine will help extend the life of your concrete foundation. Being aware of its condition is very important. A few key practices you should perform as upkeep are: ensuring proper drainage away from your foundation, avoiding the use of corrosive chemicals on or around concrete, and preventing damage from tree roots. If you have concerns regarding the state of your foundation, or if you have any other construction or concrete restoration questions, contact a professional to set up a consultation.