Answers to Common Questions About Concrete Driveways

Are you considering installing a concrete driveway near Murfreesboro ? If so, Cantrell’s Concrete has 20 years of experience as well as a reputation for excellent customer service and high-quality products. Get answers to your questions about concrete driveways by reading the following article.

Do Concrete Driveways Need to Be Sealed?

Concrete driveways should be sealed to protect from moisture absorption, chemical exposure, and stains left by grease and oil. Applying a sealer to decorative or colorful concrete will enhance the color. There are two types of sealers for exterior concrete: penetrants and film-formers. Penetrating sealers offer the best protection from moisture absorption. Whichever sealer you go with, make sure it is applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What Do I Do if the Driveway Cracks?

If your concrete was properly jointed, cracks probably won’t be a problem. Joints control cracking by allowing concrete to expand and contract. But even jointed concrete can crack in areas other than the joints. If you are worried about random cracking, ask your contractor what he can do to prevent cracking and if he has a policy for fixing it if it happens.

Does My Concrete Driveway Come with a Warranty?

Some contractors offer a warranty on their concrete driveways, while others do not. Contact your state’s concrete association to see if you can purchase an extended warranty.

Answers to Common Questions About Concrete Driveways How Do I Find the Right Contractor to Install a Concrete Driveway?

Look for contractors that have at least 20 years of experience in the concrete business. Keep in mind that a family owned and operated company will likely provide the best customer service. Furthermore, make sure the contractor offers a warranty with the concrete driveway.

Is Color Variation Normal?

It’s unlikely that the color of your concrete driveway will precisely match the color you picked out in the showroom. Even plain concrete has color variation, especially if more than one load of concrete is required. Fortunately, most color variations are minor and tend to fade in time.

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