• Reasons to Install a Sidewalk

    Reasons to Install a Sidewalk Sidewalks are a functional and attractive addition to any property. If you are planning a concrete driveway installation for your home, you may want to also consider adding a sidewalk. There are a number of reasons why a concrete sidewalk may be the right choice for your needs.

    When you install a concrete sidewalk, you can increase the overall value of your property. In addition, creating a concrete pathway will encourage your family and friends to get active and take more walks around your home and yard. Finally, a smooth concrete walking surface will help to increase the safety of everyone who comes to your home. If you are considering adding a concrete sidewalk installation, be sure to work with a reputable concrete contractor serving Murfreesboro. By scheduling a professional sidewalk installation for your property, you can rest assured that your brand new sidewalk will last for many generations to come.

  • A Look at Your Concrete Patio Color Choices

    Concrete patios are available in a variety of colors and styles. When you work with a concrete company on your patio installation, you will need to choose a concrete color that matches with the style of your home and yard. For example, a tan or beige patio may provide the perfect complement the architecture and hardscaping of your home. To decide what type of concrete color will be the best match for your property, you can look to your house color, roof, or window trim for inspiration. A company specializing in concrete installation near Murfreesboro can assist you with every step of designing and implementing your new concrete patio. To take a tour of all of the beautiful concrete patio color choices that are available to you, be sure to check out this video from ConcreteNetwork.

  • The Benefits of Installing a Concrete Patio

    If you are seeking a great way to enhance the outdoor living space of your home, you may want to consider a concrete patio installation. Concrete patios are affordable, attractive, and durable enough to withstand all types of weather. By installing a concrete patio in your yard, you will be able to enjoy time with your family and friends in the outdoors. A company specializing in concrete driveways in Murfreesboro can assist you with the design and concrete installation of your new patio. Read on to learn more about some of the many great benefits of installing a concrete patio in your home.

    Installing a Concrete Patio Versatile Design

    When you install a concrete patio , you will have many design options available to you. Concrete can be enhanced with decorative options, such as colors and patterns. Whether you are seeking a chic and contemporary patio space, or a patio that is cozy and rustic, you will be able to create the beautiful outdoor space of your dreams. Your concrete installation specialist will be able to tell you more about the concrete design options that you have to choose from.

    Terrific Investment

    A concrete patio is also a terrific investment for your home. Since concrete patios require almost no maintenance, you will save on the cost of repairing your patio in the years to come. Concrete is also a highly affordable building material. With a long-lasting concrete patio installation, you will be making a great investment in the future comfort and quality of your backyard.

    Functional Space

    By building a concrete patio in your yard, you will be building a functional outdoor living space. After your concrete patio installation is complete, you will be able to decorate your new patio with outdoor furniture, plants, and other great features. Whether you are looking for a relaxing sanctuary or a lively center for outdoor entertaining, you will be able to create a concrete patio space that meets your every requirement.

  • Asphalt vs. Concrete Driveways [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When some homeowners think about how their houses look from the outside, they consider the color of the house, the landscaping, or even the exterior shutters. It’s important, however, not to overlook your driveway. A concrete driveway in Murfreesboro can last over 40 years when it’s properly maintained, and is not susceptible to softening in the heat like an asphalt driveway is. Though concrete driveways may initially cost a bit more to install, they last longer and require less maintenance than other options, making them a sound investment. Take a look at this infographic for a look at the pros and cons of asphalt and concrete driveways so you can choose which one is right for you. Please feel free to share this infographic with your friends and neighbors!

    Asphalt vs. Concrete Driveways

  • Understanding How Foundation Slabs Work

    Every home building project starts with the pouring of a foundation. Your home’s foundation is what provides the rest of its structure with support and stability. Concrete slabs are among the most popular choices for home foundation materials, and for good reason. A concrete foundation will provide you with a highly durable and weather-resistant first level that will hold up throughout the seasons. When you are planning a home construction project, be sure to hire a company specializing in concrete slabs in Murfreesboro . With the assistance of concrete experts, you will be able to create the ideal foundation for your new home. Let’s take a look at three concrete foundation styles to illustrate how foundation slabs work.

    Slab Foundations T-Shaped Foundation

    T-shaped foundations are some of the most popular concrete foundation styles. The first step of installing a T-shaped foundation is to lay a footing deep underground. Once the footing is in place, the walls of the foundation are poured. Finally, the concrete slab is poured in order to complete the foundation structure. The slab provides support to the home, and the footing prevents frost from damaging the slab itself.

    Slab-on-Grade Foundation

    In a slab-on-grade foundation, the concrete slab is poured directly on the surface of the earth. This thick layer of concrete is designed to be several inches thicker on the edges. With its thicker edges, the foundation slab will provide additional support and stability for the home’s structure. Since the concrete in a slab-on-grade foundation comes in directly in contact with the earth, this type of foundation is best for warmer climates where the ground does not freeze.

    Floating Slab Foundations

    Floating slab foundations are similar to slab-on-grade foundations, in that they come into closer contact with the soil underneath the home. Unlike a slab-on-grade foundation, however, a floating slab is placed several millimeters above the top level of the soil. A floating slab is secured by thick layers of concrete around its edges, which penetrate deep into the surface of the soil.