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Blog Posts in August, 2015

Touring the History of Concrete

Concrete is an extremely stable and durable material that has been used for building and construction for thousands of years. When you plan a concrete installation with your concrete contractor ...
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Understanding How Foundation Slabs Work

Your home’s foundation is among its most important structural features. When you are building a new home, you will need to hire a concrete contractor to pour a sturdy concrete foundation for ...
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The Basics of Concrete Repair

Concrete is remarkably strong and resilient, but it isn’t entirely impervious to damage. Whether caused by freeze-thaw cycles, aggregate pop-out, or corroded reinforcing steel, surface cracks ...
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Concrete Admixtures 101

Concrete admixtures are chemical ingredients other than the cement, water, and aggregate that are added to the concrete mixture either before or during mixing to change the characteristics or ...
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