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Understanding Fiber Reinforced Concrete

If you have ever fallen down on a sidewalk, patio, or driveway in Murfreesboro, you have some idea of how tough concrete is. When you need your concrete installation to be as durable as possible, you might turn to fiber reinforced concrete for your project. Watch this video clip for tips on understanding fiber reinforced concrete.

As strong as concrete can be, there are many factors that can wear it down over time. This is why many concrete professionals would recommend the use of fiber reinforced concrete for certain projects. Concrete has benefitted from the additional strength that fibers of steel and glass have to offer since the 1960s. These fibers help to preserve the structural integrity of the concrete, allowing it to last for as long as possible and become impermeable to water. Fibers can even improve impact and shatter resistance, reducing the cracking and shrinking of the concrete.